Day 10

My last full day in Nagano has begun. I am out of laundry, low on yen, and looking forward to standing up again in my residence. Still, knowing that there are at least 850 days ahead before I'm at the Olympics again, makes me reluctant to bid all this farewell. But hey, when a guy is out of underwear, it's time to go.

Day 10 was spent wandering the streets for more material, trying to unload the expensive monstrosity of a digital mistake, and eating Korean food. Got a short interview with a US womens hockey player, gold medal dangling from her neck. Also spoke with the English and French announcers from the medal ceremonies and a Finnish TV anchor taunting every Swede he saw about their upset win in hockey. Mr Yammagochi from a local department store was very helpful in calling the Tokyo store where I�@bought my battery munching MD-PS1. �@No chance of a refund or exchange. The local used computer store politely offered me 25% of what I�@paid for it. Ah well, live and learn. Went out to a Korean restaurant with th Brazilian bobsled team to tape their interview. Nice guys who haven't been allowed to compete because of problems with the Brazilian Olympic committee. They're coached by Lightening Joe, a former US bobsledder who earned his nickname by being struck twice.�@His grandmother was zapped four times.

Today, I'm setting up one of the Pin dealers with his own site and then looking for some good closing shots. I'll be back in Pusan tomorrow ready to attack my mega-To Do list.

Sayanara from Nagano,


February 19, 1998