The Road to the Olympics
Day 1
Upon arrival, I was struck by how calm and efficient everything was at Narita Airport. I met Benedicte, a Frenchwoman arriving from Brazil and after customs, we headed...
...for the Japan Railway office to get a ticket for Downtown Tokyo and to activate our Rail Passes
Yumi, Kumi & Eri ansered all of our questions and provided a very friendly welcome to Japan. Once I�get to a computer with a sound card you will be able to hear their welcome for yourself.
On the subway�(which was also much more relaxed than I'd expected) this poor guy couldn't avoid be used as a pillow.
Once I made it to Downtown Tokyo, my first stop of course was Geek Central, the greatest display of technology I've ever seen. The prices were quite decent and the selection was overwhelming. Most goodies are just the stuff of technofantasies, but I do have my eye on one of those new digital audio recorders.
I then hooked up with my kind hosts and old Pusan friends, Diane and Justin.
We enjoyed the pleasures of Modern Japan and caught up on changes in our lives and discussed plans for their...
...Wedding! �That's right - Hollywood and Detroit are getting hitched. This is the official cyberspace announcement. Stay tuned for a full blown multimedia version once I return to Pusan.
So, it's 9:30am and I�hope to get this uploaded
before I have to catch the 11:58 train to Nagano.
Don't know when I'll next have a chance to compute
(or a place to sleep, for that matter), but will upload
the latest as soon as I do.

Olympically Yours,


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