Day 4

I checked into my capsule exactly at 5pm and went to sleep immediately. Capsule life really isn't so bad once you figure out how to compact your stuff. (I'll upload photos tomorrow.) My capsulemates are an eclectic assortment of pin sellers, Olympic hawkers, tourists, and local guys in need of a place to crash. I awoke from a 2 hour turbo nap and headed for the very decent sauna in the basement. After a good scrub and soak, I took an evening stroll, picked up some provisions at the convenience store and went back to sleep. The tremendous assortment of goods available at stores and in vending machines here is really quite astounding. I plan a full photo expose of the 7-11 before I go. 

Day 4 began when the phone rang (yes, each capsule has a phone, as well as a TV and radio) at 9:15 and the voice said 'You must GO...NOW'. Capsules aren't open all day, you know. 

I hustled out into a rainy Olympic day. 

After a couple of pancakes 


and some computer time, I printed out some Online Postcard Fliers and set off to start recording. I made the mistake of stationing myself close to some of the many Jesus folks passing leaflets out. Once I eplained that I wasn't interested in saving their souls or selling them anything, some of them were happy to oblige. 

I took a break and went to the train station to reserve my return ticket to Tokyo. Like in Korea the abacus is still in use. Won't see that on the IBM commercial, I bet. 


There are a number of scalpers near the station selling tickets. One of them was chanting 'Canadian hockey, Canadian hockey'. I hear that and start thinking of my Canadian buddies back in Pusan. They'd never forgive me for passing up an opportunity like this, eh? 10000 yen later a ticket to the Canada-Finland game was mine. 

The bad news was that the subway to the venue was extremely crowded, 


the worse news was that it was headed the wrong way.

Eventually, I made it to the right subway station(making postcards all the way), and then searched for the Aqua Wave with Eric and Karen, a couple of Canadians living in Nagoya. 

There were a lot of empty seats, but everyone (even the 5 Finland fans) was having a great time. As we say in New Mexico, there is a lot of positive energy floating around this place. 

By the time I made it back to town, my batteries were low (the camera's too) and so I thought I'd make a relatively early night of it and get ready to GET OUT on time for Day 5. 

May try to catch some luge action today and may pick up a new piece of technology. Stay tuned.

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