Sad News. Pusanweb has lost a cherished member of the family. Sunday night, in the Police40 Nightclub, the Casio QV11 ceased operations. Its final picture was of a Norweigen hockey player singing a really bad rendition of Imagine by John Lennon. The camera that changed my life has been a digital imaging workhorse for 6 months, taking over 3000 photos and enduring many bumps, drops, and even soup dunkings. A recent drop in a local noodle shop had caused some structural damage that it never quite recovered from. Hopes for recovery have not been totally abandoned, but the prognosis is good. Plans are being made for the corpse to lay in state at the Pusanweb rotunda before taking its place of honor in the center display case of the lobby of Worldbridges headquarters.
Every ending marks a new beginning, and Pusanweb is pleased to introduce its newest digital addition, the Sharp MD PS1. This is a funky little digital camera/MD digital audio recorder that can store up to 2000 images or 74 minutes of audio on an MD data disk. We are still in initial bonding stages, which are made extra challenging by the fact that this little guy speaks only Japanese. It is unlikely that I will get around to downloading photos onto the computer here, so there will probably not be any other photos to share until I return to Pusan on Friday. 
After the last update, I took another turbo-nap (4 hours), a late night sauna, and then headed out. The nightlife spots were quite festive. More athletes were out than in previous nights. I did a bit of taping but spent most of my time (until 6am) just schmoozing and hanging out. Needing to leave the capsule by 9am, I slept for a bit and then made hopped on the Asama bullet train to do some shopping back at the Akihabara Electronics market. I spent the rest of the night taking a long sauna and chatting with capsulemates before going to sleep at 11pm. Went to a great breakfast buffet with my capsule neighbor and pinguy Videotaped an interview with him and then came here. Now the snow is tapering off and I'm ready to take this new technology for a spin. Later on, I'm meeting the Brazilian bobsled team for a feature interview of their story. 
Lebow out.
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