Day 5

What a great Day 5! Got a 2000yen ticket to the luge, which was quite fun and provided lots of good postcard making opportunities. Had a very refreshing post-luge visit to the sauna and then stood outside some of the hotspots making postcards and meeting lots of fun people. Some of the folks you'll hear from starting next week- a Jamaican bobsledder, Rolf - holder of 12 Guinness Book records, the human snowlets, a US mogul skier, Ticket Bob, Lou and Kurt (awesome photographers, check out Lou's site), a 48 hours producer, the Big Hat Girls from House of CY ('See Why' we have the best fashions), and many other wonderful people celebrating the world's coolest gathering. I can't wait for Sydney.
olymp138.jpg olymp139.jpg olymp140.jpg olymp141.jpg olymp142.jpg
olymp143.jpg olymp144.jpg Human Snowlets olymp145.jpg olymp146.jpg olymp147.jpg Those lugers are fast. My camera is not.
olymp148.jpg This is 
Krausse& Behrendt
olymp149.jpg and 
Urbanski - Muhin
olymp150.jpg and 
Grimmette - Martin
olymp151.jpg olymp152.jpg
olymp154.jpg olymp155.jpg olymp156.jpg olymp157.jpg
olymp158.jpg olymp159.jpg The Medalists olymp160.jpg olymp161.jpg
The family of Silver
olymp163.jpg olymp164.jpg olymp165.jpg olymp166.jpg olymp167.jpg
olymp168.jpg olymp169.jpg
Lou & Kurt
Lou's Pins
Very Happy Swede
olymp178.jpg olymp179.jpg olymp180.jpg
olymp181.jpg olymp182.jpg olymp183.jpg olymp184.jpg olymp185.jpg
olymp186.jpg olymp188.jpg olymp189.jpg olymp190.jpg olymp191.jpg
olymp192.jpg olymp193.jpg olymp194.jpg

The promo picture for Capsuleland. Don't know how they made it look so spacious

olymp195.jpg Mmmm, 
Mr. Donut!
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